Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back after a long break...

So I realize there is no way to actually catch up after missing almost an entire 10 months of blogging but I will give it my best. For starters in June we bought our first house. HEAVEN!!! There is nothing better than owning you own space and not having neighbors above or below. :) It has 4 bedrooms and a basement. We moved into our safe haven on June 25 and immediately  fell in love with our new house, neighborhood and ward. We had been looking for a house for months on end and on this specific day of house hunting we had already seen 4 eyesores. I looked at Bret and told him that I would go to one more house and then I was done house hunting for a couple months. The very next house we looked at we both walked in and looked at each other and we just knew that this was our house. Funny how that works. The kids love having a backyard and we go biking all the time at the mortuary down the road. I also love being able to paint the walls whatever color I want and rearranging the furniture as many times as I want :)  We love it!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two of my favorite things ...

Never in a million years did I think that I could possibly love two little trouble makers as much as I love these two sweet faces. Every moment I get to experience as part of their lives is truly the best moment of my life.

A Child's Paradise

Lazy summer days at the cabin, walks on the dusty road, fighting off "wild bears", playing in the stream, catching snakes, dirty, tired children at the end of the day. That is what I call heaven on earth.

Just like Daddy

Cole got to pick what he wanted to do for a father son adventure and all he wanted to do was go out and take pictures with his own camera, just like his daddy. So we gave him one of our old digital cameras and off they went.

Random Pictures from the Park

Summer Fun at the Gateway

During the summer we decided to go on a family adventure day. And boy, it sure was. We rode the frontrunner, for the first time, down to the Gateway Mall in SLC. The kids were besides them selves with the fact they got to ride and actual "choo, choo". We arrived at the Gateway and started to walk around until we found that they had an actual ground fountain that you play it! We had so much fun getting wet. Aly was funny because she kept trying to figure out where the water was coming from and got nailed between the eyes a couple of times. Coulson just jumped right in and was socking wet in a few shorts seconds. Afterward several hours of fun, we headed back to the train just in time to miss it by 1 minutes. :) So we hung out for an hour. The ride home included a detour onto a greyhound bus for the rest of the trip home. Apparently, the train we were suppose to be on but missed (thankfully) had a pedestrian jump out in front of it. Yuck. Instead we looked like the best parents ever because we "planned" for the kids to ride a train, trax, and a greyhound bus all in the same day!!

Bret sporting his sexy "hair do" for the summer

Testing the water with her toes - karate style.

Aly trying to dry out on the hot cement.

It's all fun and games...

Until someone gets hurt. Amazingly enough, this did not require stitches and healed up pretty fast. Within 10 minutes of this happening, that tough little girl was back to tackling her older brother.